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If you are wondering whether to pick up the phone right now to book your appointment, ask yourself these simple questions:

As you look into your future….

• What do you want your next year to look and feel like?
• If you continue the way you are will you achieve what you want?
• How bad do things have to get before you decide it’s time for change?
• Do you think there will ever be a better time than now?

• Imagine what your life will be like when you have overcome your problem!
Isn’t that worth investing in?

All consultations are strictly by appointment only and confidentiality is assured. You will receive an individually tailored treatment(s). Maire works in a quiet environment in Castlederg, Co. Tyrone. To start the journey to living a life beyond your problems, just pick up the phone now and call to book your appointment: Phone: 028 81670356

Maire the therapist

Or click on the email link Email: mairehypnotherapist@gmail.com to contact Maire for an appointment

Fears & Phobias

Easily & Effortlessly eliminate Fears, Phobias and Emotional issues, regardless of the time you have held onto these limiting associations and thoughts.


Lose Weight

Regardless of your habits, desires and temptations, you can easily and effortlessly take control of your eating, health and weight issues.


Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking, Regain control of your mind, emotions and desires using simple, fast, yet very effective and profoundly powerful techniques.


Panic Attacks

Put an end to Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Trauma. Boost your Confidence, Wellbeing, and effortlessly regain Balance and live the Lifestyle you Desire.