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'No Me, Know You' Hypnotherapy Studio: Fear and Phobias

Fears Phobias and Anxiety

A fear is an unpleasant reaction we feel when confronted with real danger and is usually occurs when exposed to a particular trigger. The trigger may be spiders, confined spaces, open spaces or literally hundreds of other triggers. It is a subconscious response and the person has very little control. They can use willpower to temporally suppress or push down the subconscious emotional / feeling response.

Fear and phobiasA phobia is an irrational, excessive and persistent fear of some particular thing or situation, for example when someone loses complete control when exposed to a particular trigger. Again the trigger may be spiders, confined spaces, open spaces or literally hundreds of other triggers. Phobias are often caused in childhood. Using hypno-analysis we can go back to the initial event that caused the phobia and work on the negative emotions surrounding it. Sometimes phobias emerge after a traumatic event or a child may develop a phobia modelling their behaviour on that of a parent.

Anxiety is the feeling on being on edge most of the time. They are anxious or worried but don’t necessarily have any reason for this. The person generally has very little control of how they feel.

Why is hypnosis so effective in helping people with phobias, fears and general anxiety? Hypnosis gives direct access to the subconscious mind where the emotion is generated. By changing the “trigger to response” pattern within the subconscious mind the fear, phobia or general anxiety can easily be removed.

Fears & Phobias

Easily & Effortlessly eliminate Fears, Phobias and Emotional issues, regardless of the time you have held onto these limiting associations and thoughts.


Lose Weight

Regardless of your habits, desires and temptations, you can easily and effortlessly take control of your eating, health and weight issues.


Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking, Regain control of your mind, emotions and desires using simple, fast, yet very effective and profoundly powerful techniques.


Panic Attacks

Put an end to Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Trauma. Boost your Confidence, Wellbeing, and effortlessly regain Balance and live the Lifestyle you Desire.