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'No Me, Know You' Hypnotherapy Studio: Therapies

Type of therapies we provide in The ‘No Me, Know You’ Hypnotherapy Studio:

We use various therapies in our work, as they are invaluable assets, which aid our clients in the understanding of their mind, and how it works.

Hypnosis – In hypnosis our clients can achieve a state whereby a deep relaxed stillness is attained, that separates their conscious logical mental activity from illogical and irrational thought process. It is a non-addictive power for good and is a natural manifestation of the mind at work.

Psychoanalysis – We use this therapeutic intervention to bring about beneficial change within a distressed client. We use it to identify elements that are stored in our client’s subconscious mind along with the client examining the intra-psychic conflicts that can result from earlier experiences in life, namely childhood.

Gestalt – This is a technique we use in order to reduce impediments of the client’s self-growth, self-actualisation and self-regulation, enabling the client to complete those experiences that have left them with unfinished business in their life.

Cognitive Therapy – Enables our clients to use their ability to be rational problem solvers when tackling dilemmas. They will assess circumstances objectively and learn how to apply an objective evaluation.

Parts Therapy – A unique mediation hypnotherapeutic technique used to assist clients to easily and quickly identify causes of inner conflicts, within their subconscious mind, enabling them to release these issues and resolve them.

How hypnosis worksHow and Why Hypnosis works:

Modern Hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years to build self-confidence, change habits, lose weight with weight loss programs, stop smoking, improve memory, end behaviour problems in children and eliminate anxiety, fear and phobias.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a particular altered state of Selective Hyper Suggestibility, brought about in an individual by the use of a combination of relaxation, fixation of attention and suggestion.

The Hypnotic State:

This is extremely useful for the relaxation it produces. The real importance of hypnosis to the healing and emotional change process is that while you are in the hypnotic state, your mind is open and receptive to suggestions. Positive and healing suggestions are able to sink deeply into your mind and more quickly and strongly than when you are in a normal, awake state of mind. All research has demonstrated that while in the hypnotic state, you cannot be made to do anything against your will or your moral values.

Imagine that there is a door between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Normally the door is closed until your brain waves slow down to a relaxed, alpha brain-wave level. This happens when you are almost asleep. The door opens for a short period of time and ideas, images and thoughts come out of your subconscious mind. When you are in a state of hypnosis, the door also opens so helpful suggestions can be directed into your subconscious mind or forgotten memories can be retrieved.

Fears & Phobias

Easily & Effortlessly eliminate Fears, Phobias and Emotional issues, regardless of the time you have held onto these limiting associations and thoughts.


Lose Weight

Regardless of your habits, desires and temptations, you can easily and effortlessly take control of your eating, health and weight issues.


Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking, Regain control of your mind, emotions and desires using simple, fast, yet very effective and profoundly powerful techniques.


Panic Attacks

Put an end to Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Trauma. Boost your Confidence, Wellbeing, and effortlessly regain Balance and live the Lifestyle you Desire.